My Man

Today is father’s day…

And though you’re not a father yet

My heart salutes you

I know you’re a great man…

And you’ll make an even greater father

How do i know this…Why you ask?

Because you’re my man

I can tell because…

See, my man understands that

Being my provider isn’t just about getting us some paper

Its much more…way more

My man provides…his smile when mine is dreary

his hand to guide me to our destiny…to hold me up when i crash

To hold me along when i’m too weak to move on

To shield me from the storms i face…to fight off whatever threatens this love

My man leads…not just his peers

He leads me…not in fear…not with threats

but in love…towards the greater love

That is He.

My man gets on his knees and stays there

Because he knows its not about loving me how he can

…how i’d want…in measure to how i love Him

Its about loving me the way He loved us

Following not his standards or mine…but His

My man knows i’m only his…only his

He’s at peace with his past…with mine

He knows we fight the ghosts in the shadows together

My man knows his words speak life

He understands i may not be gold yet

That’s why with his words…by his hand he leads me

Leads me in becoming a better me

For me…for Him…for Him

My man knows he loves a strong woman

Who can be quite stubborn

…and many times hides behind her smile

He knows its the little-big things i care for

And although he may not get why i still do crafts…may cry with no actual cause

or live on music, poetry and dance…

He loves me…he loves me anyway

That’s my man

I love him…

i LOVE him…

i love HIM

and yes, i will marry him,

Faithfully stand by him

Till death will us part

For i’m no one elses…he’s no one elses

He’s mine…

He’s my man.




all rights reserved to the poet © Ang’asa Malowa


Photo courtesy of Mutua Matheka…


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