Love Gone Mad

I love you.

The three words that once bore such beauty, such grace, such love

Are now thw three words that stir doubt…that spell fear

Everything but love

It took alife to spell love

Took His blood…His hurt…His life

And now its taking technology…and our consent

To spell it back all wrong

See, love was never meant to mean lust

Love was never to be equated to sex

Love wasn’t meant to be the thorn in humanity’s flesh

…never thought to be the excuse on our lips

When we scheme and cheat our way in and out of hearts

All in the name of love

Love’s gone mad y’all

And the sad truth is

We drove it insane

We took a gift freely given and traded it in for something more malleable…

Something that doesn’t confine us to the knowledge that

Love is patient, love is kind, love is God

In a world that preaches ‘love’

It takes a rebellution to see despite the tint

Love’s gone mad people

But God hasn’t

He’s still mad about love

Which is why He still keeps loving us

Question is, what is love to you?




all rights reserved to the poet © Ang’asa Malowa


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