You Don’t Have to Die…

You haven’t jumped off a cliff or a roof yet but

You got suicide written in your eyes

I see the way you look at me…then at you

Draw a comparison and make the decisions that seal your fate

That’s why I came to tell you to stop

Not by my power or by my might but by His spirit

Coz it’s His spirit that give the life you need to replace the fumes of death you’re taking in

You fell back yesterday…you screwed up today

And now you’re looking at me and thinking you’re not worthy of life…so you want death

Listen, I had those times too…I didn’t get clean and so lived every day squeaky

I had my shares of falls and yes, I had my shares of doubts too

I was a baby then and though I didn’t understand it then I needed to peel my eyes from the ‘perfect ones’ around me and focus them on Him

And that’s what you need…focus on Him, on the cross and block everything out

Only Christ can see you as we’ll come to see you after we quit acting like we’re the givers of grace

I’m sorry that you feel judged but we’re only human too…please ignore us

Please stick to the words of Christ for you, not any mans’ because only the former give life

Live only for and by the words that proceed from the mouth of the Lord (Deut 8:3)

Quit drawing yourself to the death you think you deserve

There’s no ‘ka-devil’, ‘ka-angel’ argument going on on either of your shoulders

Its just you, the devil and the truth

The good thing is, you get to pick which one to listen to

You got the power to dispel either one…I pray you dispel the devil

That he makes sense sometimes is true after all his thinking is devoid of grace…of love…of His perspective

Sometimes you want to die like you think you should…like he makes you believe you should

You forget death will cause you to lose the very life He died to save

Don’t give up the fight for your life

Abide in Him and He will abide in you (John 15:4)

He said it…hold Him to it…He is not man that He should lie (Titus 1:2)

And believe me, He is faithful and will bring that which He started in you to completion (1 Thessalonians 5:24)

If only to shift your eyes from us…break away from the devil’s pity party

And make the decision to stand

Winds will come…storms will blow and habits will prove hard to break

I’ve been there…I know

But I’m here now and I can tell you for sure, stick to Him…keep your eyes on the Cross

Believe and trust in His strength, His grace and His faith alone

Radical? I know

But better a radical you than a dead you

I don’t wanna see you die…

It’s His spirit that give the life you need to replace the fumes of death you’re taking in

I wish I could but…I can’t save you…

Only He can, if you let Him.

Take a breath of the Spirit today

Please …I don’t want to watch you die.


all rights reserved to the poet © Ang’asa Malowa

This goes out to the new believer who’s got so much baggage and so much fear of failing that…everything else crushes out the new found faith in Christ. That Christians themselves will doubt your conversion, it’s possible and has happened before. That your friends will wait for your fall and come back, that too. But see, they may be part of your life but they aren’t part of your relationship with God which is what salvation is all about. I know it may seem downright impossible right now but it all comes down to you. Will you focus on everyone and everything else or will you focus on God’s mercy and love…on the cross? Others get saved and get more than the support they need but others like you…don’t. We can’t change that but we can change how you look at it. Salvation is not about living like the best Christian you know…it’s about you having a relationship with Christ. Strive for that and nothing else and the doubt, the fear and the uncertainty I see in your eyes will fade into such a strong assurance of the love of God that others will look up to you…yes, you. J Don’t give up the fight for your life, I won’t let you. I speak life into your relationship with Christ and by His name, for His glory, you’re going to make it. Baraka!





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