Living just becomes a scare

in a society where marriage is no longer a priority

but an alternative means to an end

where profanity carries majority vote

just check out the radio polls n raging office talks and you’ll know its true

when i look around and see more black than grey

more dimming lights…

i can’t help but want to live in a bubble

where all that’s in, i let in

and somehow most people have managed to do just that

create these bubbles around them where there’s only one form of justice- their own

where what they don’t need goes right out the bubble

why do you think its become so easy to watch a friend fall into endless pits…deeper puddles

and quickly cut them off…turning away with no offer to help

we couldn’t be bothered…the bubble aint’ big enough anyway

why do you think we’re so quick to put others on pedestals

marking their every move…their every word

yet the people we admire most are still the ones we can’t wait to see fall


that’s why that which we know to do we do not

because we have edited constitutions

custom made to run our bubbles

we easily forget we have no right to be snide

till we’ve walked a mile in their shoes

all because we have bubbles to protect

we pass quickly by a dying friend…a stranger

after all we only got enough love to run our bubbles…no extra to give away

think about it…its a bubble filled world out there

question is, how far will the bubble philosophy last…




all rights reserved to the poet ©Ang’asa Malowa



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