U Turn

Finally here

Finally picked which way to go

No more cross roads

God knows they’ve eaten up more of my time than i care to admit

No more confusion

I’m taking this chance

I wanna see other bright days

So I’m gonna live my life again

I’ve been given much…unfortunately i haven’t given the same

I’m not gonna hurt no more

I refuse to wait for you to fix this mess

I choose to move out of the shadows

Live my life only for an audience of One

I know who i was-i don’t need reminding

I know who i am and who i’m gonna be

So i’m touching that dial

hell, i’m unplugging your input

It hasn’t done me no good so far…it ain’t gonna do me no good later

no more standing in the back of the line

no more living under the spotlights

I’m not gonna stay here and die

I’m finding another way

I’m choosing to live again

its His blood against all you got

and last time i checked

my slate was cleaner than clean

so get the memo…

I choose to live get off my back

I’m taking a U Turn.




all rights reserved to the poet ©Ang’asa Malowa

p.s. as much as time helps a lot, our pasts are there…there’s lots of times it’ll come up…I’ve been there enough times to know it takes more than my will to keep going…it takes His worth to remind me of mine…lets take the u turn,when the path gets hazy…we’ll look to the cross n i’m sure we’ll find our way back 🙂








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