Waste No Pain

We connect with pain better…

we may not know it but we all do

That’s why we find it quick to grasp a painful experience

To understand and connect with the speaker then

Because pain makes them what we are…makes them human

The truth is it’s easier to learn from my pain than it is to go through it all yourself

We each got just one life to live

And I bet no one wants to spend it gathering bruises and scars…going through forests and deserts

When a simple map would have guided you home

That’s why I believe my pain can minister peace…healing…joy

To someone somewhere

To someone someday

It’s easier to reach out when we share our past hurts…failures…mistakes

Someone needs to hear they can pull through if only just because we did

Focusing on our accomplishments and forgetting to let others into the pain behind each one

Leaves many with a desire to be and an incomplete understanding

On how we got there

So when they face the giants we did…are ravaged by the floods we know so well

Or see quite the mirage along the way…

They run away from what would have been because we forgot to tell them what they’d meet

We forgot to teach them how to fight

Even God Himself felt it was important to personally identify with all our weakness

That’s why He walked among us…

Then set us free by going through the fires and coming out gold

Waste no pain…waste no hurt

You’ll know when the time is right to share it

You’ll know to whom your experience will add worth

Give them only then the story behind your scars

Equip them for the battle so that they in turn will do the same

And when they’ll face new demons they will understand it is because the grace your words covered them in

Elevated their status in the fight

And to fight they will…if only to tell you they got there it took a battle…it took a while

But they got home

Because you led them there

Waste no hurt…waste no pain

Throw a lifeline to a sinking friend.




all rights reserved to the poet © Ang’asa Malowa


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