When Memories Die…

When memories die, we make relationships that were once pillars of a life

Casual flings to keep till the next comes up

Give way to disrespect and familiarity where once there was reverence…love

No more sense of awe…no more brokenness

‘We’re just keeping it casual’, we say

When memories die, we lose that sense of accountability that once kept us growing

What happens to us?

That we forget what brought our wills to their knees

Forget about the relevance of the cross and the worth of our salvation so hard that now,

We reign more on feelings and whims…preferences and what’s cutting all because we’ve lost the memory of the cross.

When memories die, growth dies with it

When you forget where you left…you’ll never get to where you were going because the need to get there no longer exists

What’s the benefit of running from fornication, drunkenness, promiscuity, stealing…the list goes on

And coming to Christ only to keep doing the same just this time…under the stained glass of ‘I’m working on it’, ‘I’m only human’, ‘I’m still struggling’

No doubt it takes His grace to overcome…so why are you holding on trying to work it out with your strength and no grace?

What will it benefit us to get the greatest treasures just to forget how much they cost soon after?

We forget what it cost so much that we discard what we fought for, for what we’d left behind?

Just think of what would happen if we’d all fan the memory of the cross, of the death of Christ, if we’d keep these memories alive…

We’d be freed…we’d live…we’d quit being so familiar with Him that gives us life

Better he that knew Him not than he that does…or did…

And still lives as if the knowledge of Him means nothing…

Break the stained glass and let His light come in

We can make believe all we want but we can’t fool ourselves…we can’t fool Christ

When memories die…when this memories die:

That it took the pain, the shame and the death of Christ to break my shackles, tear the veils and set me free…

When this memory dies no matter how hard we try to live…

We die




all rights reserved to the poet © Ang’asa Malowa


This piece was inspired by yesterday’s sermon on the Holy Communion and what it represents…what it causes us to remember…the memories it keeps alive. I am a born again Christian and so are many out here yet sometimes we’re the ones living like we don’t fully grasp what it means to be born again, what it meant for Christ to die for us. This was a wake up call for me and I pray it will be one for you too. You’re born again, yes…but do you understand what that cost??? Co back to the drawing board and ask Him to give you a new revelation on this. With this memory, we’ll stop asking how far is too far and why can’t I this or that and start asking Him how we can go deeper in Him, His spirit and His truth. Trust me; it will cause a radical shift in your life as it is in mine. J Baraka!


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