at the point where all that i know to be

ceases to be

everything that makes sense…does not no more

a rude awakening…rude because i don’t wanna be woken from where i lie

but i still want to wake up

i wanna cry because i don’t understand…

but deep down i know i do

its a mess…I’m a mess

i know that when i am weak…hats when you’re strong but right now

i don’t really know if you’re there

I’ve been doing what i know you wanted me to do

but is it really what you’ve wanted me to do?

I’m wasted…don’t know why but i feel like you’re looking down and

wondering what I’ve been doing all this while…

I’m lost…lost…

tell me how to find me

shoot a flare…roll some thunder…send an angel…


i need to know I’m where i ought to be

I’m who i was made to be…

i need something…


please…gimme a sign.


all rights reserved to the poet ©Ang’asa Malowa


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