Rock Bottom

its been downhill for a while


its not been easy understanding that i’d build towers that need to be pulled down

claimed mansions that i now need to be vacated

not because i don’t deserve them…

not because building them came easy…

but because i didn’t know that not all i get is mine…

not all i receive i should hold on to…

not all we achieve goes with us to the next season…

learning that idols aren’t just the golden statues we see in temples and shops

they’re anything we allow divert our focus…

from what you may ask?

from the price…

to me the price is not access to heaven and eternal life…

for everyone who believes gets eternal life…so in real sense

that’s God’s bare minimum

to me the price is knowing that i have fulfilled my mandate…my purpose

for we were all created for a divine season…to play a part in painting the bigger picture

we will get to heaven…all who believe will

Abraham was the father of faith…

David a man after God’s own heart…

Mary showed obedience even in the face of great uncertainty…

Rahab showed courage…risked her entire kin to do God’s bidding…to save the spies

question is…what will i be acknowledged for having done…having shown…having lived?

that is why i believe that everyone goes through a season

where everything goes downhill for a while


those become the norm

for sometimes we need to fall down hard

so we hit Rock Bottom

The Rock…

where we break…foundations shatter…towers crumble

for we find our true foundation once more

and only then start rebuilding the walls of worship…of love…of relationships…of life

because we want more than heaven

we want more than God’s bare minimum

We want His ultimate price

the crown…His reward

and when that day comes…and we cast the crowns back at His feet

we will have hit Rock bottom one last time

for we will no longer be bound by ourselves

we will be building the eternal towers…eternal mansions

because we hit rock bottom now

and allow His breaking…allow His rebuilding.


all rights reserved to the poet ©Ang’asa Malowa

p.s. Don’t be afraid to let go of all you hold…to freefall and hit rock bottom…for the rock is Christ and He has to break us to ,make us…achilia…let go and let God…circumstances, people,loved ones…anything can be used of Him to push you to hit Rock Bottom…allow the beaking to allow the mending. 🙂


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