we’re all gonna be parents someday

in whatever capacity we will impact a life…someday

someday may be today…may be tomorrow…someday will surely come

where we have to make the choice to love unfailingly

even when your awesome phone has just been used to demonstrate the floating and sinking experiment some little hands did at school

where we have to decide whether to truly love is to shelter this little being from the world…

or to teach it the morals that will shelter it from the world

someday…we’ll have to help them write their scripts

because their lives are not our choices to make…

where we have to understand that we can choose to give them a better life

only when we give them the best of what we have…our time…our love

some will get a 9 month head start to make room in their hearts for one more

others will have to wait …

whats for sure is that someday…and that day will come

when we can protect the innocence inside

by giving them a picture of the world as is…and praying they’ll make some right choices

its all gonna happen … someday

when it does, be the best you can be

stretch you love to its limits and then some

and take lots of pictures 🙂

you will need the memories





all rights reserved to the poet ©Ang’asa Malowa


Photo courtesy of Julie Harris Photography


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