Touch That Dial

if i had a shilling for every time i heard that…

I’d be smiling all the way to the bank

but i found out its one big lie

sometimes you have to touch that dial

only if you wanna live

the world…anything you want to see…

to read…to hear…is just a click away

what to do with such variety…?

that’s where it all starts

I’ve been where walls were thick…

i was protected…but i didn’t see

so i took the advice we all get “don’t touch that dial”

and because i didn’t

i lost my confidence…was always tuned in to the your not worth much-peer pressure channels

hurt so many with words i can’t take back because the ‘radio’ said we got to be empowered ryt?

fight for the ‘ME, ME’ cause…no matter who you step on or kill along the way

i lost the one i loved because i tuned in to ‘girltalk’

n soon enough, i saw him through their eyes n loved no more

see, i didn’t understand that they would never understand why my heart was his in the first place

they were not me…

quit going to church…quit ministry…because word on the street was that all christians are hypocrites

and i didn’t want to be one so…i got off my knees

cut off my best friend coz the ‘grapevine fm’ and heard all she’d ‘said’ about me

didn’t bother to find out why…if it was even truth

let a lifetime of love, time and memories go down the drain

got a mid life crisis…heard i should be a certain way too long till i started being just what they spoke

see, the heart is a spongy sort of thing

if its put in something long enough…it sucks it all in

and lets it take over despite what was inside it before

why write this, you may ask

because we make the same mistakes too often…often want to be burned to really know that fire is hot

the obvious is not so obvious no more

coz yesterdays scum…is somehow made todays bread

don’t be like me…like her…like him

lets break these cycles

touch that dial only if you wanna live

coz the static we’re tuned in

will only cause us misery

you don’t have to waste your life…we all know you don’t want to

but your channel of choice may be doing just that for you


whats in your ear today…that voice in your head?

if it don’t speak life…if it don’t breed joy


only if you wanna live. 🙂


all rights reserved to the poet ©Ang’asa Malowa

what waves are hitting you?don’t be sfraid to touch that dial…if they don’t speak life…


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