The One…or The One from the Many?

Its been asked over the years

Strirred quite a share of debate

Whether one’s true love…’flesh of my flesh’

Truly exists

Or its just one of the many fences the Church has set up

To withhold the pleasures of the dating experience

From the younger of its folk

well, i do not claim to be an expert on the matter

but my poring over books and His word leads me to believe that this stands true

nowhere in scripture does God approve…recoommend or hint in favour of what is the current accepted norm

where from a pool of many…one finds the one

Isn’t it always that when He plays match maker…and He does

That the approach applied was more specific…like He knows just which piece will complete the puzzle?

Think Aam…he didn’t have to first date a Sara, Anna, Carol and Eve

Then make His choice…(Gen 2:18-25)

Neither did Isaac for he asked of Him the wisdom with which to see

The jewel that to complete his crown

And His faithfulness proved true (Gen 24)

More so…isn’t it impossible to please God without faith? (Heb 11:6)

if you hold His word as truth…this scripture as truth

Then wouldn’t it also be impossible to settle down without having first trusted Him…

Not our choices and likes, blind dates and fix ups by well meaning friends…

But His hand to provide even the companionship our hearts long to find…to have?

He gives every good and perfect gift…for unlike the shifting shadows

He doesn’t change (James 1:17)

To say that we’d want a ‘less than perfect’ man or woman

To love and to hold for the eternity He gives us to know would be a lie…

ust look at your ‘list’ of what you want he or she to be…to have

And you’ll agree

To love is an act of the will

Question is, knowing as no one can claim to understand the workings of the heart except He

Wouldn’t we be safer placing our wills at His feet and living fully by His word

Trusting that in His time, He will align our paths…our hearts

one for the other?

Or are our love lives exempted from the steering of He we’ve given our lives to?

Discuss 🙂


all rights reserved to the poet ©Ang’asa Malowa


The one...or the one from the many???

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