Share your Journey

We love stories

And we learn alot of them too

I believe that each life is one unending page…

To be filled with chapters of stories

Your stories…all that make up your life

Theres time when the page is filled with climaxes and intrigues

Other times its filled with the musings of a confused soul just getting on with one drab day after another

Sometimes it tells of a hero…when you saved the day

And many times it tells of the times where we knew not who we were…

Of times it took us pain to learn…of hurts it took us to know love

And to love

Thing is, everyday brought a new scene

And no matter what that scene spoke…it was a day well lived

Because somehow it made you who you are today…

Though you may not entirely like who that is right now…you will..and we do

So share your journey with someone

Talk about it…write about it…text and call about…blog it even 🙂

We all love stories

They make us laugh, thay make us cry…they make us learn

And you got a pretty good one i’m sure

Don’t keep it all in…

Share your journey

We’ll laugh with you…sometimes at you 😉

Cry with you…walk with you

And most importantly, we will learn with you…

We will learn from you

Share your journey.

all rights reserved  ©Ang’asa Malowa



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