He’s Not Letting Go

I stand in constant amazement of the grace in one man

To bear every imaginable blow life could deal…


And still declare the name of the Lord above all else

Still decree that his redeemer lives

I don’t know about you but

Life can sometimes be cruel at best

When the wind ceases to blow and starts to tear…piece by piece of all we are…apart

When the rain stops falling and pours…taking us with its floods

When the light we need exists only within

I believe that if such times are yet to be…a time will come when they will be

At one such time Job spoke up…

Weak and defeated at one such time

My voice failed me…only my tears spoke

And He asked

After the hurricane…during the storm

Will you still stand to bless?

Will you still stand to love?

Will you still stand to trust?

That’s what He needs to know

It’s all He tries to teach…

An unwavering stand on the solid rock

I’d forgotten that I’m surrounded by this multitude of witnesses

That my story was being read even as it was being written…that what I was going through

Wasn’t for me alone

It broke down the last of my walls

I submitted…I trusted…I loved

Not just Him but those who stood by me

Many are the times I’ve been at the same spot…many are the times he spoke the same way

He’s been faithful… that much I can attest to

You may be at the peaks…or at the valleys below

What He wants you to know is that He’s always there

He just needs you to bless…to love…to trust in spite of…

To trust no more in you but in Him

Then it shall be well with you

It is well with you

For though it may not seem like it

He holds your world in His hands…

And He’s not about to let you go.


 all rights reserved  ©Ang’asa Malowa

‘My ears had heard of You but now my eyes have seen You’ Job 42:5 Sometimes it takes situstaions to assure us of God’s sovereignity in our lives. For 37 chapters Job’s grief is laid out for us to see. His season of testing was more than most of us have gone through…yet even when he questioned God, he did not doubt him. He knew his redeemer lives. Whatever you’re going through…have gone through or will go through, I speak His grace to cover you in that season. I pray that you may stand on the solid rock no matter what until that day when He will prove you true for He cannot  give you more than you can bear. It shall be well…it is well with you. : )



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