Different Light

The scenes are the same…

But there us something different about the vision I see

There’s something about being with people with a shared vision and a stronger grip on the blue print

Now I understand that diffusion does work…

I feel the infusion that comes to heighten my concentration

From this placement that brought a nearness to graces greater than I

I had heard that iron sharpens iron…now I know it’s true

I’m not the way I was…that’s for sure

The lighting is different now

The colors much clearer…no more greys

Just black, white and lots of yellow J

That He predestines every moment is true

How else would you explain the coincidental coincidents that spur you back to life?

He draws us to green pastures…He restores our souls

I feel Him steer me to a path that’ll need a lot more shedding

It’s going uphill…no room for extra weights

I need to let go of the weights that so easily entangle me

I know it’s not gonna be easy but I know that my responsibility ends at heeding the call…His call

For what He ordains He sustains

 So I accept my inability…for the robe that covers me is not my own

We stand because He wills it

Let us acknowledge and accept this grace that feeds the purpose…the stirring in us

Let us accept that more often than not, we need someone to fan our flame

Like me, you may not clearly see where the road leads

But I see that He’s here with me…just as I know He is with you

That He always sends someone to nudge you towards what He knows you are

And for me…that is enough

 So when you need some light…a little insight

Reach out to someone…theres always someone ahead who’s been there…

Who can give you the grace and the wisdom…the psych to stand up…to walk and run again

It is because of such people that my world isn’t frozen in static motion…but keeps spinning on His axis

The scenes are the same but there’s something different

Now I see all the colors of this rainbow that is life just a little more clearly

No more greys…

Just black, white and lots of yellow 🙂

Painted by you whose words…whose life inspires me

To see life in a different light.


 all rights reserved  ©Ang’asa Malowa

stuck in a rut? There’s someone close by with just the remedy to get you out of that puddle…reach out especially to those who’ve gone before us. There is a tonne of wisdom out there waiting for us…and its all packaged in people. Let someone be your answered prayer…theres someone somewhere waiting to shed some light to split the black from the white and paint teh joy back in your life…reach out 🙂




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