Next Christmas

This Christmas is gone

But unlike all the others…

 This time was different for me

 I loved the plots, the love, the food 🙂

 But what moved me the most was a radio comic strip

The comic asked a simple yet…disturbingly deep question

What if…there was no Christmas because there was no Christ?

 This may be a tad difficult for you to get if you believe that Santa Claus is the reason for the day

For to me…Christmas isn’t just a celebration of the baby in a manger

It’s a celebration of the life He lived…of the lives He touched

Of the person He was

 It’s a celebration of a life well lived…a life that saw the fulfillment of its purpose

 So what if there was no Christ…what if God did not reach out into the darkness we plunged into

 And find a way to save us from ourselves?

What if there was no Christ…what if there was no redemption, no mercy, no grace

 No salvation

 What if…?

 Just the thought of it turns me cold

 Just think about it…

 This Christmas is gone but there many more to come

For the many that will come Make merry…have a merry Christmas

Only next time have the understanding that you’re celebrating not only

 The many gifts… the food…the love in family

 But so much more

 You will celebrate the life of the one true Christ

 Celebrate your life too…you’ve lived another year

Celebrate the day that saw us herald redemption

Just think what if…

 And give your next Christmas the chance to have it celebrated in truth

And if you already did…spread the word

 Not everyone knows what Christmas is really about

 And so I wish you many more Christmases to celebrate the birth and the life of a saiviour.

The beginning that set our lives in a different script.

all rights reserved  ©Ang’asa Malowa


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