New Pages

It’s a new season…the dawn is here

The light is just getting a little brighter…a little warmer

I know that we’re all glad to now have new pages…a new year

Resolutions are being made…budgets drawn and blueprints sketched

There’s a lot we plan to do this year, don’t we?

So as the foundations are laid to make this year a success

Let’s pose and ask, what’s the reference point…the gauge

What will we measure our year’s success with?

I believe that when we ushered in this season, we ushered in 366 days in bulk

But we’re gonna receive them in installments of days and months…all in the same season

Question is…have you moved to the new season or are you still stuck in yesterday?

For its quite possible to live a long life…all stuck in one season

Held there by regrets of seasons past…fears…uncertainties…doubts

Held back by the story that is our past

Well, your story is still in the works and you have a bunch of new pages to re route your script

366 new…clean slates on which to write the next chapter of your story

How about you consider shifting your yardsticks?

This season, remember that life is not about a destination…but your destiny

Life is about a fulfillment of destiny

And the real measure of success…is how many lives you influence so much that they choose to live like you

…how many achievements and successes you harness through the opportunities the season brings

…how many people will remember your impact in your generation

Remember not to get too familiar with a location, a blessing, a downfall or a season

For it’s possible to live in one season of life forever and see not the fulfillment of your destiny

So when your bed of rest becomes a bed of nails

Shift seasons…for that you were in has run its course

Break free from the shackles…in this new season, His grace is sufficient

As for the relationships that’ll change…let them be

For different seasons need different casts…so some will stay and some will not

Choose to let go of those who will leave…it’s the only way you’ll embrace those who’ll stay…and those who’ll come

Purpose to live, purpose to bless, and purpose to allow yourself to be blessed by those whose seasons will be aligned to yours

It’s a new season…with new pages to fill

Purpose to bless a life…

Purpose to re route your script…

Remember we have no right to tomorrow…but we have today

So live, love, trust, learn, laugh, hope, grow, believe…

Today…each day

And fill your new pages with a story of a man…a woman…a girl…a boy…

Who set out to beat the odds

And live out the season…

And live out his destiny.

all rights reserved  ©Ang’asa Malowa


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