Tuna…or Koi???

There’s a kind of fish called the koi

 Beautiful little things they are

 They’re gold and white and make quite a pretty sight

 They’re kept at homes by some people not for food…just for beauty

 As pretty as they are, the koi are what are referred to as bottom feeders…

What that means is although they will come to the waters’ surface every time you throw in some food pellets,

 Enjoy the warmth of the top water and the tasty spread

 But as soon as you leave…

 They go back to the bottom of the pond and feed on the murk and whatever garbage they’ll find there

 They even have their mouths adopted to function…that way they can feed from the bottom of the ponds

You’re probably wondering where I’m going with this “fishy” story

 We’ll this got me thinking…

 About how we Christians sometimes act a lot like the Koi

 We surface every Sunday…or whenever there’s a service, fellowship, gig or event…

And feed on the fresh food being thrown in by the speaker of the day

 In fact, sometimes we ‘swim over’ others just so we get the good piece

Then later…

When the preacher, speaker, singer, poet, friend…is gone

 We go back to the bottom of our ponds

And feed on every piece of garbage we can get our mouths to grasp

 Gossip, hate, revenge, porn, sex outside the circle of marriage, drugs… You name it

We’ll do that for the rest of the week or until the next sermon comes by

Then we’ll resurface to the top of the pond to feed some more…

And the cycle starts over

 We may do this in the guise of not wanting to be too spiritual or

 Wanting to live life to its fullest or some other well thought of explanation we hide behind anytime our conscience nudges…

anytime anyone asks…

Question is…who are we fooling?

See, the Koi are inedible mainly because the stuff they feed on makes them pretty much toxic waste

 What makes us think we’re any different?

 Supposing for some weird reason, we all turned into fish at the stroke of midnight…

 And got dished out at a gourmet restaurant…

 What kind will you be? A tasty tuna…that is a source of positive impact on those that will have it…

 Or a beautiful Koi…who is so filled with toxic waste that it may kill with your single bite???

 It’s probably time many of us made a choice

To be either hot or cold…for to mix both waters

Will make you the lukewarm spit trampled by the roadside

Will make you the deceiver whose life leads others astray… for though we may not wanna admit it

Our livea are the foundations on which others build theirs.

Only you know who you are…

 Only you can tell where your heart lies

What do you feed your spirit on is not a Sunday to Sunday affair

 It’s a constant diet…with one restriction


 So, dear one, what’s been on your plate?

 Are you a tuna or a Koi?

Food for thought.

all rights reserved  ©Ang’asa Malowa


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