Travels of a Heart

The heart has been known to seek what it may

So be careful what it seeks

For out of it comes…flows the issues of life

For what it will crave, it will find

What it will find, it will have

And what it will have…it will give

The pursuits of love, revenge, escape…peace

Many are the travels of a heart

Remember…though it goes far and wide

It is still your own

And as the spirit of a prophet is subject to him…so is his heart

It crosses no boundaries we do not allow it to

And just as with each journey comes gain…or not

So are there results…seen or unseen…of that gathered

By a hearts’ experiences collected over journeys past

The travels of a heart maketh a man as he is

Everyone is as a result of accumulated experiences…travels

So be careful not to let it tread on roughed up seas….

Where the journey will leave it torn, hurt and bleeding

But let it tread instead…always

On the green pastures that restore a soul

Remember that the heart is your own…

And only one is given

Guard it with all diligence

That’s the only way it’ll gain life

The only way we will gain life…

From the travels of a heart.


all rights reserved  ©Ang’asa Malowa



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