What would you say love is?

That came up yesterday as a bunch of us argued what all the Valentine fuss is about he he he!

I would say love is many things

and He concurs

The word teaches that love is patient,love is kind…

Yesterday’s conversation had a lot of opinions and fact fighting

But one thing struck me

Love is…not a choice

Contradicting , huh???

What i mean is that…we should love

Not because someone does what we want…how we want something done

Not because someone agrees with my choices or makes those i deem fit

Not because…not because…

Love is not a choice

Because we should love…not because but just because…

Everyone needs love…

Love is…

Loving  just because…

We know love…We receive love…and to whom much is given…

Give and it comes back to you

Love is not a choice

So…love…love…and love some more

Because Christ loved us enough to show

We need to love just because…


©Ang’asa Malowa



2 thoughts on “#LOVE

  1. This is deep……in truth deep ‘because we should love not because but just because’ !!!!!!!. It is in this that we get to share His profound love 🙂 🙂 . Thanx.

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