Chosen…Set Apart…Saved

Years and years of suffering under a crushing hand

Time that passed with so little in between

Because the rules were so hard they couldn’t allow any stretching

The foundations so hard they couldn’t survive any building

I’m coming to understand why the Jews found it hard to accept a messiah

That came as a sacrifice and not a warrior

Who came to bring together worlds pushed so far apart

World marred with pain…hatred…fear

I’m coming to understand why some still do

The Roman rule wasn’t easy on these people…neither had the Egyptian rule before them

It would seem that never did another nation stand for these people

So they waited and prayed…prayed and waited

For the promised King…the Messiah…the Savior

They hoped he would slay the Romans….and all that stood against them

Finally giving them the break they rightfully felt they deserved

And so they looked into the horizon and saw him coming

Only instead of heavy armor and sword…He bore a cross

In place of a crown…he wore a circle of thorns

How then would one expect them to act?

Than to reject the light at the end of the tunnel…because it wasn’t as bright as they’d thought it would shine

I make no excuses for these people…the very ones chosen by the very hand they rejected

Loved by the very heart they shunned

I only try to wear their shoes so I can feel what they do

So I can pray how he leads

For in many ways…many times

I have rejected the very hand that chooses me…sets me apart…saves me

Because I sought a warrior; not knowing that a sacrifice would suffice

We wonder why his people turn from him today…yet our hearts turn His grace away

I pray thee to pray for thee…for thine…for His

That the chosen may humble themselves and pray and turn back to Him

Understand that He is what we need…what we waited for

He is a sacrifice sufficient to fight a warrior’s battle

Pray that we turn back to Him that chooses us…sets us apart…saves us


©Ang’asa Malowa


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