The weight’s getting too much…

The water’s pulling me in

No strength to push back, no breath to hold on

I’m reaching out to nothing… calling out to no one

There’s no one there

No end for this tunnel i’m in

I thought my roots would bear the floods

Didn’t know i had them sunk in shifting sands…

Knew my anchor would hold

Problem is…i forgot to let it down before the storms hit… before it got too much

All i have is a memory of what i heard… what i knew to be true

And though i have no strength left to paddle

I’ll trust in the promise giver… more than the promise

I’ll put my last in it…i’ll put this hope in Him

Psalm 16: 6, The lines have fallen for me in pleasant places; indeed, I have a beautiful inheritance.

Its dark…now

Its dreary…now

Yet still it stands, a promise He will keep

He’s keeping even when i drown

I have a  beautiful inheritance… the lines, for me, have fallen in pleasant places

So even as the water pulls me deeper

As my breath grows thinner…

I’ll trust in the promise keeper…I’ll trust in His promise

And that will be my floater

That will pull me out of the waters.


©Ang’asa Malowa

Hold on to the one thing that’ll never shift: the promise keeper spoke…He will bring it to pass.


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