Be That Person…

The darkness gets so thick sometimes

So thick you can taste it…so thick you can touch it

The light’s long gone now

Not a flicker…not a spark

Just despair…and I’m too tired to care

Sound familiar?

Been there too many times already

Times when the only reason I stood…only reason I lived…only reason I moved

Was because someone else held my hand

Someone else fed my dream

Someone else pushed me through…brought in a flashlight to help me find my way

Held the umbrella that kept me dry when I had no strength to seek shelter from the rain

Naomi had Ruth…David had Jonathan

Even in the wilderness, there was a cloud by day and a fire by night

That kept His people in the face of the scorching sun

I stand today not because I can

I stand because when I can’t, like Moses my hands are being held up

By an Aaron and an Ur

I will not say that walking and living by His word is a walk in the park

Because so far, I have seen more fires and storms…more droughts and pain

Than I have had feasts and bounty

Many times I thought it best to quit even though I knew He that I serve is the same faithful God in lack and in plenty

Even though I had much to remember of His goodness, of His love, of His grace

My feet slackened and my heart wanted out

And so it would have…if it hadn’t been for that someone

That someone that pushed me beyond my limits

That one who stayed long enough to see that beyond the hurt and the pain

Beyond the despair and the anger

There was still a flame that burned for Him…

There was still a love that sought Him

There was still a fusion that could not be split

We all need that someone who will help us walk when we buckle under the weight

This life so often throws

That one person that will keep us believing in an incorruptible faith

That though as pure as gold….is not as gold

For even in the fiercest fire, it stands ever strong

You can be that person…

The one that carries my vision when my sight is lost

I need that person…

Be that person for me…for someone today


© Ang’asa Malowa

Ever thought what might have happened if Naomi didn’t have Ruth with her?  Ruth that saw beyond her pain, saw beyond their situation, saw beneath the rubble…saw what could be and stuck by it even when Naomi couldn’t? We all need someone that can be there to hold us up when we can’t stand on our own…you can be that person for someone today, don’t hold back : )there’s a life waiting for you to help it bloom as it should; could you be that person?


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