…to where i’ll find You

I’d heard a lot about you

I’d heard that you loved those no one thought they could…

Clothed them and made them into someone free…someone clean…someone loved…someone that loved

I’d heard a lot about you

You who slay anyone that raised themselves against your own…

You who paved way where no one…nothing else had worked

You who protected, preserved, honored they that honored You

I’d heard a lot about you

I’d heard that you would bind my broken heart, heal my wounded soul

Give me new mercies every day…EVERY day

Bless me with love, joy, peace…with your presence

I’d heard a lot about you…so I came

Came to the place I had heard you dwell

Came to be with those you called your own…those you would use to guide me, keep me, cover me, embrace me

I came…but I couldn’t see

See those you said will have their arms wide open to welcome me home

I thought it was said you are love and so mirrors those that are in you?

I didn’t find those…all I got was a bunch ready to read me my rights and sentence me to a hell they deemed fit

All I met were those that led me to the back pews where I’d be hidden from sight

“I wouldn’t want to taint the name of their congregation now would I?” the sweet usher said

I had heard your word was indescribably sweet…but what flowed from this place

Was the ‘watered down, tailor made for the congregation’ type

I knew because I didn’t feel you urging my spirit like you had the night before

I knew because I felt a darkness poured over the house of light

I knew because I felt no love…and you’d told me that’s what you were

The last hymn sung, last prayer said I walked off quickly because I couldn’t see how I’d be led to fellowship when I knew no one would come close enough to hear me speak

I know I was filthy…but didn’t you wash me white as snow?

Why can’t they see…why can’t they feel…why, when I’d heard you were with them?

Walking back home, I spoke my heart

Lord, lead me to your house and let me enter with thanksgiving in my heart

Lord, teach them the love you have taught me

And Lord forgive me if I’m rush but…please lead me elsewhere

Beside still waters…lead me to Your house…lead me to where i’ll find You

Lead me home.

Now I trust and wait for Him to answer

And I know He will.


©Ang’asa Malowa

This is the story of a friend that felt her spirit urged to seek Him…seek Christ. The story of a friend who went to the one place she’d heard she’d find Him -church- only to find e wasn’t there. She went hoping to find the love He’d spoken of, the joy, the fellowship… but she found she was more alone there than she was at home.

If we, the body, don’t reach out to His people and that’s any man or woman despite their current or past state, are we really His? Thank God she didn’t give up on church altogether…though many have. Every Christian should learn that to be His is to be LOVE. His house should be filled with LOVE and His people should show LOVE first to Him by loving Him and honoring Him by preaching the true, undiluted word and then to others to faithfully love all He brings our way just as Christ Himself loved us.

If we are the body, why aren’t His arms reaching…why isn’t His heart loving??? Think about it, you can make a small difference in a large way. You’re a Christian? Be the love He made you to be.


One thought on “…to where i’ll find You

  1. This really happens ,there is condemning en confrotation rather than comfort in church !! How we should learn to tap what is in the heart of the Father.

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