What if God was One of Us?

What if God was one of us?

What if He was the guy next door…the voice on the radio

What if God was one of us?

Would that have made life any easier?

Many voice cry out everyday that He’s not as fair as He should be…

Not as ‘real’ as He ought to be

How could he claim to understand what we go through

How…when He’s seated all the way up there?

How when He’s just part man…one half less than we are?

He’s got more help…more strength to stand this life we live…He lived

We don’t

But…what if God was one of us?

Would we really worship and adore?

Love more…sin less?

Would we care more…stand stronger?

Would we really?

Would it make a difference?

What if God was one of us…

What if…

Would life, as we know it, be any different?


© Ang’asa Malowa

Joan Osborne’s hit ‘what if God was one of us’ was on my playlist yesterday and it got me thinking…what if…? Would it be any different…would we be any different? Its not anymore about what if but now that  He is one of us…He lives in us so He is one of us right? Does that reflect in my thinking, my living, my all…does it? I fail miserably, ALOT. Now i realise that its not what if…but now that He is…what then?I pray that He gives me the grace to navigate and be that which reflects His prescence in my life, in my heart. Its about time we stop waiting for Him to be here…He already is. He lives in me, He lives in you. Now we gotta act like He does.


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