# Search me

Beyond what veils my eyes

Beyond what shadows my soul

Beneath every though,every word

Before everything that i am becomes…

Only Your eyes can see

Between the nooks and the crevices

Under every stone unturned

Only Your eyes…Your eyes can see

I’m afraid of whats in my heart…

What it holds unspoken, unseen…what it hides from me

I say i love You, I know I love You, I trust my love for You

Its this heart i don’t wholly understand

This heart that makes me doubt what i can do

He loved you, said he’d die for you

but he hadn’t seen what went on inside for in the shadows of his little heart lurked fear

…beneath every thought, every word lay something he hadn’t seen

and just as You’d said he would

That heart that loved You denied You

not once…not twice…

Three times it claimed not to know the one it claimed…it said it loved

You see beyond what veils my eyes…

Beyond what shadows my soul

Search every thought, every word

search everything that i am for i’m afraid of what my heart hides from me

i love you and…

I don’t want anything that i am to lead me otherwise

Search me Lord…search me

Before the cock crows…search me

Search me Lord…search me

Search this heart of mine

Before the cock crows, search me.


© Ang’asa Malowa

John 13:37,38

S.P (Simon Peter) loved Him. He said it himself that he was ready to die for Him. He didn’t know  that his heart hid something from him…fear. For S.P, life was all good till what his heart hid popped up and it cost him a betrayal of his master. The guilt and pain that followed must have been devastating, he who was closest to Him denying him thrice.

I’m afraid my heart may be the same…loving yet hiding something from me. Doubt, fear,greater love for something else…i don’t know. Today i pray that He searches and cleans me out. I don’t want my heart tripping just when He needs me to stand, to speak, to say i ove Him. I don’t wanna deny the one i love.


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