Mine is a journey of one constant and many variables

And because of the latter, the equations seldom balance yet constantly I have seen them fall and crumble….

Watched them cancel out in the might of the former…

My one constant-He

Mine is a race with one constant price, one constant route and many hurdles

and…I know that many watch

Lord, irrespective of who stands by the lines of this race

This is my prayer:

May those that remember my days be compelled to glorify You

You that raises me, You that qualifies me beyond what any man could do…You that gives me hope

May those that hear me be stirred to focus on the dream giver more than the dreams I give; for every word I’ll have used to paint that picture will not have been my own

For what it’s worth Lord, I know they’ll recount my loses more than my gains

May those that remember my sin count the blessings therein more

Let them speak of what You did to make this broken heart whole

…to heal this mind plagued with the torments of a life past, the future unknown

…to still this heart till it learnt to trust again

Let them speak Lord if they’ll speak more of You

Let my name go unspoken

Let Yours alone be remembered…be revered

Lord, let my name go unspoken

Let them exalt and give honor to whom it is due

To Your name, may this life…my life

Bring honor…bring blessing…bring joy…bring glory

Lord, when they speak of me…

Let my name go unspoken


©Ang’asa Malowa 


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