I Will Listen to You

You said I wasn’t always there these days…

And even when I was, my mind ran off…my soul clouded up

You said I wasn’t always there and I’ve been running from that fact till today

Today I stopped a while and saw You in the distance

So far off I couldn’t tell where You really were

Today I realized how far I’d drifted from us

Today I realize that what You’d said was true

And today…I’m sorry

I’m sorry for not being there…I’m sorry for not listening

I’m sorry for hiding behind complaints of why You hadn’t given me what I thought You should…

For getting angry when You led my path to where I thought it shouldn’t

Today, I recommit myself to us

I will listen to You, I will be there, I will be quick to remember how far we’ve come

I will not let the voices of this age persuade me that this life…my life lies with another

Its taken a while but…now I’m here and i’m sorry

Sorry that I let us drift apart

I will listen to You

Even when you place me where there are giants in my place…even when the desert is all that I see

I will look to You…I will hear from You…I will listen to You

Like Joshua and Caleb before me…I will see what You see

I will listen to You.


©Ang’asa Malowa


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