Where I Belong

In Your prescence, that’s where i belong
Yet the days blur by
The hours slip past…i can’t hold on to my minutes…
And ever so frequently,
I am not…i am not where i belong
In Your prescence,thats where i belong
Yet…it seems my work takes so much of my days
My life takes most of this time…

This time i have,need…to spend where i belong

I know You won’t stand second…third place
Please…don’t take away my life…this job
Dear Lord, please teach me to know…teach me to need

Teach me to number my days,give me the wisdom to understand that i cannot be without You…
Teach me to decide to always,always be where i belong
…in Your prescence
In Your prescence, where i belong

© Ang’asa Malowa



2 thoughts on “Where I Belong

  1. and even my worries Lord.May they never blind me from seeing you. . . .or hearing you. . .amen amen amen. . . .deep Neema! 🙂

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