Chase my Dream

The sun is there…up in the sky

I wake up in the morning, i wash my face…brush my teeth

…and take off because there’s not much time left to take my cup of tea

I gotta rush out…gotta rush to chase my dream

I follow paths…follow plans…chase my dreams

and today…yesterday

I have the feeling I’ve been walking around in circles

Feels like I’ve walked here before, feels like I’ve felt this before

Feels like i shouldn’t be here anymore

Minutes blur and the days blow away to somewhere far,far away

Now the moon is there….up in the sky

Even in my dreams…i’m chasing my dream

Is this all it ever will be…

Feels like i’m locked up in a maze

Feels like i don’t understand what… where i’m meant to be

and its another day…

The sun is there…up in the sky

I wake up in the morning, i wash my face…brush my teeth…

and take some time to talk with You let You know i’m confused,I’m scared…i’m uncertain that its all gonna be well

Take some time to steer my eyes from the mountains this racy life brings up

Take some time to remember You hold my life in Your hands

I gear up my trust in You…be with me today…i need You here

Then i rush out..rush out to chase my dream.


© Ang’asa Malowa

Sometimes chasing the dream life holds us hostage to same races, same routes…and sometimes in this same maze, we hit so many dead ends we wonder if we’re doing what we really ought to be doing. If we’re chasing after our own dreams or really chasing after someone elses. I hit a dead end yesterday and in the confusion and the uncertainty, i remembered there’s one who holds my world in His hands, one who knew me before i was, one who is the end, the beginning and the in between…and this same one holds my life. I heard one word;trust…TRUST. So today, that’s what i’m learning, that is what i pray i will be able to do.


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