I Stammered

I stammered.
Before you brought large crowds, expectant audiences … silent ears

I stammered.

It was just You… You were my only audience
My mouth itched to touch your heart
…my pen loyal to ink your word

I stammered.

It didn’t come as a surprise to You who saw my imperfections
I stood naked yet unashamed
And in the presence of perfection
Eloquence…radiance in every utterance

I still stammered.

Like a father’s glance to a child
It was your eyes that gave me highs
And in the weakness I felt strength
For I was broken made whole at the potter’s touch
And so I just…


I saw you and I longed for you to hear me stammer.
Before space knew time
And earth knew I
You knew me.
You knew every bit
Tiny vessel… Flow of life
Every thought and action
Every step to action,
You knew all of me.
It wasn’t like a trailer to a movie
Catching a glimpse of the action scene
Popcorn, soda, props to the director
It was props to the King
You are the direction.
You saw things from the light of your script
Scenes were spoken from your lips
And to have me stammer was just an agent in your list
Making sure all accolades, glory, honor and fame
Were to your name!
Standing ovation to the one whose standards over creation
Allowed me to hear my stammer
That I would near His whisper…
Hear the voice that spoke life into me.
No audience
Just you and me
Just you and I
And I get it!
My glory was meant for you
That though I stammered
I wouldn’t hear me
But I would see you
Love in spite of
Not because of.

Yet in my stammer
You made me whole
Holiness breathed into my dry bones
I no longer knew void
My mind no longer felt toyed
I had known a master
Who had mastered me
The master piece
In totality
That through my stammer
I would come to know the master’s peace
That through my stammer
I would come to master this:

© Fiona Otieno

Meet Fiona 🙂 an awesome poet and a friend with a passion for writing and performing spoken word. # Today, we feature…


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