First Steps

Journeys of a thousand miles each started with a first step

Each first step, I believe, started with a desire

A desire for something more…something that wasn’t

Something that was needed

And just as many journeys each started with first steps…so did this one

This journey, this life…my life

To acknowledge that I needed a savior was not because I thought myself unworthy…without value

But because I saw how much valuable I must be for one to give His own life to ensure mine was mine to live

To let go and let Him take over this life…my life

Was not because coercion broke me, not because horror gripped me…not because I sought salvage from eternal fires …eternal anguish

But because He said He has good plans for me…because He said He’ll always hold my hand, always have my back

But mostly because He overwhelmed me with such great love

Such great love I could not ignore

Not for fear, not because I felt this was the best way to hit the jackpot…He does offer a good deal 🙂


Just because I needed something more…a relationship with one who would be my rock, my friend, my shield, my guide, my anchor…

He started out as the love I wanted for myself…now He is the love I need, I am, I will be

My first step was to tell Him I didn’t want to get to know Him because someone else wanted me to or something pushed me to…

But because I wanted , needed someone I could walk with through this

I acknowledged that He did trade His life for mine…that by His blood, He’d paid my ransom

I acknowledged that I needed Him to be part of me…I promised to let Him guide me

And so began a journey that spans about 5 years now

Is it a struggle? Of course it is…it’s not so easy to let someone else write the script and pick the casts for your own story

Is it hard? Sometimes…a lot of times it is

Salvation didn’t make me unhuman but just clothed me with a grace so thick not even I in all my confusion…and screw ups can cut through

So why do I stick to it…to Him?

Because He said He’d be there every step of the way

In the rain, in the sun…when I love Him, when I can’t stand Him…when I don’t understand, when I just am…

And He didn’t lie.

You can take the first step too and begin this…one of  journey of thousands of miles

By letting Christ be your all

©Ang’asa Malowa

There’s no formula to salvation apart from realizing that we are sinners and that Christ did die to redeem us, restore us to a relationship with God. Them accepting it, confessing it and believing that by His blood, we are new beings. This does not mean your past is erases (unfortunately). But it does mean that our minds have been renewed and that henceforth, we never walk alone. I don’t have all the answers but I can tell you that its one super interesting, very fulfilling journey. If you want to start this journey, want to get saved, here’s the little prayer made then. It’s not cast in stone, just a little guide so you can pray from your heart 🙂

‘Jesus, You loved me then…You love me now

Now I want to know You, have a relationship with You

Thank You for laying Your life for my own

Now I ask you to be my guide, my Lord, my all

By Your blood I believe all my transgressions are washed away

I believe that starting now, You are Lord over this life…my life

Starting now, I want to walk this life with You

In Jesus’ name I believe…amen’


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