Could have burst at my seams

Could have drowned…wouldn’t have been someone to call out to

because I’d locked me up inside…

Inside a whirling mind, with clashing thoughts

Inside where hope feared to thrive because the my fears cast shadows too high

I could have drowned in my own self…

could have died trying to figure this out by myself


You said

But to whom…with whom…

So used to fighting my own battles that letting another soldier in to help me slay the dragons seemed…



You still said…said louder than i could unhear

Said again and again till my wall crashed down and i did…


Let out all my fears…

Let out all my doubts…

Cried out all my anguish, all the confusion, frustrations…

You said “Speak…Speak…”

…I’m glad i didn’t unlisten

My heart is yet to soar but it can now fly

because You delicately, strongly let me know what to do

You nudged me off the edge…and into Your arms


I may forget sometimes…please softly,loudly remind me

Nudge me back into Your arms

Draw me away from myself…


That’s what You will say…

I pray thee…gently,strongly… cause me to hear

Let me hear

© Ang’asa Malowa


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