So many clocks ticking…getting louder with each stroke,

more impatient with each day…

There’s so many clocks Lord

Right there; than says I have a few more years to make ‘it’

and i don’t even know that i know what ‘it’ is

Over there it keeps ticking

Counting down seconds till i walk down the aisle…

The minutes till I own that starter home…that booming business-albeit not in that order

There’s so many!


Aaaaaaaaaaaargh!!! I’m cracking Lord…

Cracking under the weight of these expectations

Fainting in the scorching heat of all these ticking deadlines…deadlines set by hours in between

Falling at every attempt to meet the yardsticks…

Dying inside because all these clocks tick away my sanity…steal my capacity to see time as is…

Turn my eyes away from the one clock that tells the time and seasons

That speak not of my time but Yours


So many clocks ticking…getting louder with each stroke

Louder than Your voice when You say ‘Be Still’

Faster than Your plans when You say ‘You will make all things beautiful in Your time’

Setting up ‘how to……quickly’ when you say ‘there’s a time and season for everything under the sun’

Muffle my ears Lord;

Steal my sight

That i may hear only the rhythm of Your heart

That I may look to You-my beginning, my end, my in between

Blind me not but make me wise enough to know that as for me and my house,

We will look to You…trust in You

Patiently wait for Your time

That I may plant and harvest in seasons scripted by He that holds my world in His hands

©Ang’asa Malowa



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