I feel like running…

Not because there’s a fire i cannot stand

Not because there’s a flood…there’s a pit up ahead

I feel like running because i’m overwhelmed by Your favor,provision…grace

I prayed for acceleration but i had no idea what i was asking for…

now i see what you mean when you say You make ways,You restore…You provide

and i feel like running because…

Lord, i’m scared

Scared because sometimes i make really rash, stupid mistakes…

Scared because Your shaping me over and the reflection in the mirror looks so good…it scares me to know that its me

I prayed for this…i did

Yet now i feel like running

Running because sometimes my offshoots cover my fruit..

Because you’re growing me so fast i’m afraid i’ll let You down somewhere and You’ll let me go…

Running becuse i’m overwhelmed at what You do

Lord, i feel like running

Call my heart to Yours…let me run deeper into You

Only You can keep me from killing me…from killing this

With a heart that’s yet to fathom Your goodness…a heart that’s afraid to be this blessed

Because it fears it will do something wrong and this house of cards will come tumbling down

I feel like running…Lord, i am running

Lead my path so i run closer to You…

So i run closer to You

Closer to You.


Ever been shocked…overwhelmed by a blessing so much that all you can think of is “RUN!!!”? I have.  Sometimes i constanly think that i’ll mess this up…that blessing,providence,favor…that i just want to run away and be the girl outside looking in. But i do acknowledge that i have not been given a spirit of fear…with a thankful heart, i should receive. With a hungry heart, i should seek more of the giver and marvel not at the gift. So today, i pray: Not by my might Lord…that i may boast in myself but by Your hand…the hand that chose me, qualified me,by Your hand Lord steer me. Steer me closer to You…for in You i’ll be scared no more, in You i will run deeper into grace. deeper into the grace that will cover up me…that will let You be in me without scaring me away.




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