Blessed #23

For the phonecalls and the HBD singing…

For the posts on my wall…the texts…

For the gifts and the eating 🙂

For the chance to have someone to spend my day with

For an awesome family to share this with

For a heart that is overwhelmed with how much love can be packed within 24 hours…

I am blessed to have you

Blessed to know you

Blessed to be 23

Here’s to a new year…

I pray that all your wishes, your declarations over my life be fulfilled

Here’s to another year of this life…my life

Lord, i’m all grown up now…but i’m still your little girl

Tomorrow, my 24 begins

This far, your hand has held me…and even further, it willl lead me

One year of this blog too and whoa!I’m still amazed at how much you give

I lean more on You now more than ever

The waters are getting deeper…i’m sure the winds will get stronger

Be my anchor…be the wind in my sails

Lord, tomorrow my 24 begins

Here’s to You…You who has brought me this far…

You who will take me even further.

© Ang’asa Malowa


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