It Will Be Well


It will be well with you

That’s what the father says…

and His words are more than true

It will be well with you

I know you’re wondering how…

Just know our father says so

…and what He says is true

© Ang’asa Malowa Photo © Mutua Matheka

I always thought the new year was enough reason to get giddy, make merry, be happy and look forward to this or that and well, it is. Just not for all of us. A few years back, i called up a friend of mine just after midnight on 1st of Jan…that’s when i realised that there’s two sides to every coin. My friend had nothing to celebrate that day, the new year had dawned darker than the past…it took me a while to understand that. Now i do.

I know the new year isn’t all up in lights for all of us. Someone somewhere is wondering what the rest of the world is fussing about…they have yet to see reason to celebrate, to be happy, to look forward to something new…its just not a ‘happy new year’ for them. I also know that telling you there’s gonna be a brighter day may not help either… all i can say, to someone somewhere having a dreary, crappy, dark…confused, painful start to this year is…it will be well with you. I’m sure you wanna throw something at me right now for saying that , i’m sure it doesn’t seem to help…and yet i’ll say it again, it will be well with you…it will be well with you. I’ll believe that for you, till you’re strong enough to believe it for you… It will be well with you.

>>>Isaiah 3:10

Tell the righteous it will be well with them,
 for they will enjoy the fruit of their deeds.


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