Just See Me

Can you hear the melodies of this life within the storms?

Can you feel the love warming up your heart inspite of rain?

Can you see the stars behind the clouds…

the joy beneath the pain?

If you can’t see these…just see me

© Ang’asa Malowa


in the shadow of His wings we find relief…He that knitted our days before we were; He that watches over the sparrows…watches over us. sometimes its too blue to see the yellow, too gray to make out what is from what should be. Sometimes all i want to do is hide and scream because i’m too frustrated to speak. When i can’t see, when i’m too angry to think, when i can’t feel  “the joy beneath the pain…”; i look at Him…just see Him. It may take forever but when i do…my heart stills #peace. and in that moment, even if i still can’t hear the ‘melodies of this life through the storm’; i see Him. That makes a world of difference, thats the floater that keeps me from sinking away…

If you can’t see these…just see me

>>> Jesus


2 thoughts on “Just See Me

  1. What a blessing you are able to focus on Jesus when things get tough. We are so blessed that He is always right there with us holding out His hand. Focusing on Him in the midst of anger and frustration is the best way to stop focusing on our circumstances. May we all keep our eyes focused on the Lord when things get tough.

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