…No Green

I keep honking but…no one will move

I thought i was the only one stuck in between but clearly; i was wrong

I need to get away…need to move away

but with this kind of traffic…

I don’t know when that will be

I know i’d said i’ll be there

I know i’d said i’ll make it but you gotta understand…

Its not you…its me

I’m stuck

I’m stuck in traffic and there’s no way out

Its all Red and Yellow…no Green

© Ang’asa Malowa


Its easier to call and say you’re stuck in traffic. That beats the pressure to get there. Most of the time, its our fastest way out and we say it alot to friends, family…God…He calls out ever so often but sometimes, most times, we’re stuck in some kind of traffic. Traffic we can’t get out of ; sometimes don’t want to get out of just yet. Maybe if we used ‘un-jammed’ routes or walked more instead of driving into situations we’d be better off? I don’t know.

One thing’s for sure though; we miss out on alot of people, alot of things, chances, events…We miss out on love and God more times that we may come to know. all simply because we’re stuck somewhere where the lights never go green.

Tip of the day: Keep away from traffic or traffic prone roads. They suck the life out of life.



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