Understand Me…

Said you’re sorry

Said you’d made a mistake

I still don’t get how you ‘accidentally’ slept with her…

Said you’re sorry

Said I should understand you…right?

I understood that you said you’d protect me from hurt, from pain

You said you’d protect me from a broken heart…from broken dreams

I guess this right here is you shielding me…?

Said you’re sorry

Said I don’t understand how hard it is to be faithful to one you love but can’t have-

Not yet

Said I should understand you’re just a man…that it meant nothing,

That you can’t even remember her name

Understand you, you said you were sorry

But …when will you understand me?

Understand that I too love one I cannot have-

Not yet

I’m just a man too you know…still somehow, I do my bedcheck

When will you understand her?

You can’t even remember her name, you said

She was a random…

Is that supposed to make me feel less broken?

What about her? Who will understand her….?

‘Understand me’

If I don’t, I don’t love you as much…

Then I’m judging and I ain’t God

Well, now listen to me…you understand me

Understand that my love, its mine to give…its mine to take away

Understand that you need to understand me

Understand that this right here, is me running

Running from this castle before it crashes on me

Understand that what you say you have for me:

It’s not love

See, I understand love…and this ain’t it

Understand that it’s time for you to be understood by someone else…by you

I thought a man would change for love…now I believe it

Someday you will, just not for mine…but His

See, I need someone that understands me…

Understand me

© Ang’asa Malowa


I wrote this a while back. I can’t quite remember exactly what was going through my heart, my mind then, but I bumped into it in my old journal and though perhaps it was meant for today…
ps: there’s more in my heart thats still making its way to my head on this so…i’ll be back tomorrow to put in a couple of more lines on this part 🙂


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