I Choose to Love

I’ve been holding back

Not for fear of loving you…for loving you I already have

I’m holding back

Not because this heart is pained, broken…with nothing to give

For I’ve seen rivers burst their seams, what I saw reminded me of what I feel for you

I’ve been holding back not because I do not know your heart

…not because I had not heard of grace

Of grace I have partaken, of mercy I have been made

I’ve been holding back because though I had heard…

I’d not believed what I do now;

That the past, forgiven…forgotten

Form the warps upon which this tapestry’s held

That forgiven, restored, redeemed, restored is what you are

And I too could not be whiter…by the same blood I was washed

It’s taken forever but now we have forever to spend

I’ve been holding back but no more

No more… because of He that redeemed, restored, forgave, chose us both

He led my heart to yours…led yours to mine

I know that what I know may not slip from my mind as fast as I would want it to

But now I know what I know is not what I see… not whom I love

Because though I’d heard, now I feel, now I believe

That the grace, the mercy that makes me

Is that same thread that makes you
I’ve been holding back…

Now no more

Today, I chose to see through His eyes

See who you really are

Today, I choose to love one He chose for His own


© Ang’asa Malowa

I believe that God sent His only son to die for us, atonement for our sin.>John 3:16  I believe that accepting Him as Lord, being in Him makes me a new creature; the old is gone, forgotten, forgiven…the new has come. I also believe that God does order the steps of those who let Him, also their hearts. Before Christ, his life was quite the opposite of what he now knows. Lots of drinking, partying, randoms and drugs had been hit; his past. (Your case may worse or better) I believe that if one is in Christ now and is truly living right by Him and His word, the past ceases to have hold on them.(Will i have trouble forgetting what i know he was, probably. Will i have a lurking fear that old habits die hard…sometimes) But I believe that of me, of anyone that lets Christ take the wheel, of him. The same blood that washed me, washed him; the same grace and mercy I live on each day dawns on him and the same Christ I love, does he. I believe that when one lets God lead and he leads their heart to love one as such, then one should remember this; He chose us for His own, chose me the same way He did him. Question is, do I choose to love as He? Do I choose to listen to His voice, or that of my fears and peers… However, if one can’t get over the past involved, then one should walk away. Maybe one will find the one with only a future and no past or perhaps a more bearable past…maybe, I don’t know. I’m not saying it’ll be easy, i’m saying where He wills, there is a way. I do believe though that with honesty and trust, true Godly counsel and seeing each other as redeemed, graced, forgiven…love can trump all fears. What do you think? Post your thoughts in the comment section below, I would love to hear from you.


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