…I Didn’t

It took you this long to get back; come back

because you spent a long while running halfway across the world from me

You’re here now

You’re sorry…you wanna make this work – now

and its funny just how you realised it takes two to make this wheel turn – now

Any chance you thought of that when you walked away?

You came back tonight

Came back to us…to me

Its funny how you realise you ought to have been here now

How you’re back now…

You came back

You came back for us…to us

But…i didn’t

I didn’t

© Ang’asa Malowa


Its disturbing just how much we always seem to be on the look out for greener pastures. How we get caught up in climbing career, social,ministry…or whatever other ladders there are and forget to keep that which we have. It may be our S.O, our kids, our parents, that close friend that we’re pushing away because right now, we’re busy with this or that. It may be Christ because even in pursuit of Him, of serving Him, many have missed out on Him…left their loved ones unloved because there’s only so much time to spare. Funny thing is; we hardly ever realise they’re slipping away until we run back and find they’re gone…and can we blame them? They waited, they supported our chase of whatever else, they loved us till they couldn’t anymore. They loved us and we broke them. I know it gets hard to strike alance at times but if we make it an option, we kill those we love, what we had. Even Christ won’t always be there waiting to take us back. A time will come that He too we will seek and not find. How’s about we make that phonecall, go home early, cancel that night out with the boys/girls and spend a little more with the S.O, the kids,the friends, the family and most of all, the God that gives them all. How’s about we remember its more important to be there now than to lose out forever…


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