To Love…

To love and to hold

A solemn promise by two hearts made

The rudder that will steer them clear

In sickness and in health

In plenty…in much…in none

Through storms into peace

Through doubts to certainties

Through fears to perfect love

To honor and respect from this day forth

A promise by two minds now seeing as one

From this day forth…from this day forth

May your skies have sunny streaks

May your sails forever be filled

In the winter…through the storms: may your love forever burn

May it be said of you;

“He has found a good wife… and favor in God’s eyes”

May it be said of you;

“Her husband lacks nothing of value”…for he has you

Together may your backs ever lean on the cornerstone

Our Christ…our Lord

From this day forth…

May He be the pillar that holds you up; holds you together

For on this day, you have sought honor in His sight

Thus from this day forth…

So it shall be; amen J


©Ang’asa Malowa


Shei weds Lem i wrote this a while back for my friends wedding that i didn’t get to attend… and been thinking of sharing it for a while. To love,to treasure, happiness, joy,love,peace…and so much more do i wish them as i pray that someday, they will get to wish me so much more :).


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