Pretty on the Outside…

Pretty on the outside

That’s the theme passed out …right?

I must’a missed out because last time I was here

Last time…

I knew I could come as I was

Because we are the body

Our arms were reaching

So…when did the beat change?

When did the lyrics start drawing men to themselves instead of lifting the light on the hill…that men may see

That He may draw men to Himself

Pretty on the outside huh?

I must’a missed the memo

…perhaps…maybe, that’s why you turned me out?

Because I didn’t have my church clothes on?

I thought I was home

Thought I could finally rest and let the living waters flow, feed this parched soul

I see now I was wrong but hey…hey

It’s all good

I wouldn’t have fit in there anyway

So yeah, I’mma move on

I will go till I find where His spirit is the key…

Not how high an amen can go…

Not how pretty I can get my act up…how well I can hide the shadows killing me inside

I will walk, yes, I will walk

Would rather bleed than be a whitewashed tomb

so pretty that no one can see my inside

…where dead men’s bones pile up

…where its nothing but clean

I will walk, yes, i will walk

To where His light isn’t toned down to a glow on the pulpit

Glows that never reach the corners

Corners stuck in themes

Themes that creep up…

Build up till even that little light we can’t see

I will walk

And with every step I will pray that sometime, y’all will get up and walk too

Walk till you get where You find Him…

Pretty on the outside

I must’a missed the memo

And no, I don’t wanna keep up

I will walk

Even if I bleed, I will walk

Even when I fall, I will get up and walk

And with every step I will pray

Pray that y’all with step out and walk too

To His themeless light

To His presence

Where it’s not…never about the church clothes

How pretty you can get on the outside

Where He makes us all pretty on the inside

Pretty on the inside

Then pretty on the outside too

Ang’asa Malowa



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