I Crmile…

I’ve cried because I hurt

I drowned … with each tear sinking deeper

I only knew how deep I’d gone when You pulled me out

I’ve cried because I’d heard of the rugged cross

Had heard of the nails, the cross, the son of man come to save

…soul for soul

Cried because then I knew you loved deeper than I could ever sink

Sometimes I cried because I couldn’t feel no rain…just sun, just sun

and for that while, I craved for the rubbles

Craved for the waters than sucked me in

…at least with the water I knew what would be

for that moment, I wanted for the paths I’d walked

I know they led to nowhere but at least I knew that…knew something

Here all I saw wasn’t enough

All I heard is trust…all I heard is You whisper me back to faith

I cried because I was beaten and worn

I cried because even then…I still could smile

Because I didn’t need to put up no show

When I was weak, You have been strong…You are strong

I heard a song today…it said

Further along ,I will understand

Further along I will understand

So I lean even harder on You

Trust even more so that when I am weak, You are strong

I have cried…oh I have

And with every tear now I sink not

With every tear I speak

Heart to heart…mine to Yours

So I smile…and I cry 

I crmile


© Ang’asa Malowa





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