I read it once

Read that at the very end of the rainbow

At the very end I’d find my big break

My big break

I read it once

So I walked on

And then I ran some

Always kept my eyes on the colors

Always looking out for the end

Keeping my eyes on the colors because it was all I could do to keep me sane

Running from the rain never made it shine

It ain’t gon make the sun shine

It never did, now I know it never will

But I keep running anyway…

I kept running…kept running till I got there

Till I got here

Ain’t nobody told me not to believe everything I read

…everything I heard

 I had this castle I built up

Now I have nothing

Not even hope

But I keep running anyway

I’ve run too long to know anything else

There ain’t no rainbow no more

But I can’t stop

And I’m too scared to learn how

© Ang’asa Malowa

We make choices, we take paths… sometimes we hold on to them longer than long. Sometimes we held on when we should’ve let go, when we should’ve switched lanes. Sometimes we hold on too long we forget how to let go. It’s hard to let go when you get there. I don’t know what you may be afraid to let go of, but I can say this, I let go and it turned out okay, after a while. Maybe you could try it too. Maybe you could stop running, stop chasing after the dead dreams, maybe you could stop running, and start living. It won’t be easy, but you’ll live 🙂


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