This one man…

This one man…on that cross

Came to unlock our lives that we may have it…

He made sure we had more

Way more than was sufficient

Because He loved us first

Loved us long before we loved Him

Driven up a hill…

Flogged and taunted by the very souls He sought to save

Blamed and cursed for the one whose lives He wished to set free

Unwavering love…unfailing love He showed

This one man…on that cross

Was the first…the last…the only

To pay love’s ultimate price

He gave His life today in history…

Gave it all for you and for me

That we may be free to prosper

…free to live

…free to love just like He did

This one man…on that cross

Came to unlock our lives

That we may have it…and have it more abundantly

As we celebrate His death…we celebrate His life

The life of this one man…on that cross

The life that saved us all


© Ang’asa Malowa

Happy Easter!!!


# Just Because

This is a story of a man

 Who’s heart broke under the weight of the very thing he sought to birth…sought to embrace

A shattered heart…shattered dreams…

That was all we thought was left for him

After his heart broke…was broken for love

He chose to love not because he could

He chose to love not because we did

He was the first to love…just because

 Just because he couldn’t bear to see us cry some more

Just because it tore him up to think that we knew not what we had inside

 Just because he could saw beneath the rubbles…

He saw the pearls buried within the heaps

He chose to love…just because

A love so pure…a love so true

 Not because…but simply Just because

This is a story of this man Who’s heart broke under the very thing it sought to birth

And all this trouble… Just because.


©Ang’asa Malowa