Don’t Blow Away

Don’t blow away

 When the winds swirl up

 Don’t blow away

When the blizzards pass by

 Don’t blow away

Because they’re just passing through…they’ll only be a while

 Don’t blow away

 Because you belong just where you are

Don’t blow away

 Because this season’s not done with you

 Don’t blow away

 Because you need to be right there

Don’t blow away

 Because your dawn is just about

Don’t blow away

 When the blizzards pass by

 Don’t blow away

 Because they’re just passing through…they’ll only be a while

 Don’t blow away

 Because you belong just where you are


all rights reserved  ©Ang’asa Malowa

 With every beginning, every decision, every choice…comes a set of tests or challenges. Every season of life has Amalekites to kill, trees to water and fruits to harvest and sometimes, there seems to be too much going on that we’d rather run away and get back after the storms. Please don’t let the winds of life blow you away from your purpose, from your season. Chose to stand just where you are. Your season is where you ought to be…no matter how tough it gets. Don’t blow away. Your dawn is just about to break…don’t blow away, stand and receive your blessing. Don’t blow away.

Next Christmas

This Christmas is gone

But unlike all the others…

 This time was different for me

 I loved the plots, the love, the food 🙂

 But what moved me the most was a radio comic strip

The comic asked a simple yet…disturbingly deep question

What if…there was no Christmas because there was no Christ?

 This may be a tad difficult for you to get if you believe that Santa Claus is the reason for the day

For to me…Christmas isn’t just a celebration of the baby in a manger

It’s a celebration of the life He lived…of the lives He touched

Of the person He was

 It’s a celebration of a life well lived…a life that saw the fulfillment of its purpose

 So what if there was no Christ…what if God did not reach out into the darkness we plunged into

 And find a way to save us from ourselves?

What if there was no Christ…what if there was no redemption, no mercy, no grace

 No salvation

 What if…?

 Just the thought of it turns me cold

 Just think about it…

 This Christmas is gone but there many more to come

For the many that will come Make merry…have a merry Christmas

Only next time have the understanding that you’re celebrating not only

 The many gifts… the food…the love in family

 But so much more

 You will celebrate the life of the one true Christ

 Celebrate your life too…you’ve lived another year

Celebrate the day that saw us herald redemption

Just think what if…

 And give your next Christmas the chance to have it celebrated in truth

And if you already did…spread the word

 Not everyone knows what Christmas is really about

 And so I wish you many more Christmases to celebrate the birth and the life of a saiviour.

The beginning that set our lives in a different script.

all rights reserved  ©Ang’asa Malowa

Different Light

The scenes are the same…

But there us something different about the vision I see

There’s something about being with people with a shared vision and a stronger grip on the blue print

Now I understand that diffusion does work…

I feel the infusion that comes to heighten my concentration

From this placement that brought a nearness to graces greater than I

I had heard that iron sharpens iron…now I know it’s true

I’m not the way I was…that’s for sure

The lighting is different now

The colors much clearer…no more greys

Just black, white and lots of yellow J

That He predestines every moment is true

How else would you explain the coincidental coincidents that spur you back to life?

He draws us to green pastures…He restores our souls

I feel Him steer me to a path that’ll need a lot more shedding

It’s going uphill…no room for extra weights

I need to let go of the weights that so easily entangle me

I know it’s not gonna be easy but I know that my responsibility ends at heeding the call…His call

For what He ordains He sustains

 So I accept my inability…for the robe that covers me is not my own

We stand because He wills it

Let us acknowledge and accept this grace that feeds the purpose…the stirring in us

Let us accept that more often than not, we need someone to fan our flame

Like me, you may not clearly see where the road leads

But I see that He’s here with me…just as I know He is with you

That He always sends someone to nudge you towards what He knows you are

And for me…that is enough

 So when you need some light…a little insight

Reach out to someone…theres always someone ahead who’s been there…

Who can give you the grace and the wisdom…the psych to stand up…to walk and run again

It is because of such people that my world isn’t frozen in static motion…but keeps spinning on His axis

The scenes are the same but there’s something different

Now I see all the colors of this rainbow that is life just a little more clearly

No more greys…

Just black, white and lots of yellow 🙂

Painted by you whose words…whose life inspires me

To see life in a different light.


 all rights reserved  ©Ang’asa Malowa

stuck in a rut? There’s someone close by with just the remedy to get you out of that puddle…reach out especially to those who’ve gone before us. There is a tonne of wisdom out there waiting for us…and its all packaged in people. Let someone be your answered prayer…theres someone somewhere waiting to shed some light to split the black from the white and paint teh joy back in your life…reach out 🙂



He’s Not Letting Go

I stand in constant amazement of the grace in one man

To bear every imaginable blow life could deal…


And still declare the name of the Lord above all else

Still decree that his redeemer lives

I don’t know about you but

Life can sometimes be cruel at best

When the wind ceases to blow and starts to tear…piece by piece of all we are…apart

When the rain stops falling and pours…taking us with its floods

When the light we need exists only within

I believe that if such times are yet to be…a time will come when they will be

At one such time Job spoke up…

Weak and defeated at one such time

My voice failed me…only my tears spoke

And He asked

After the hurricane…during the storm

Will you still stand to bless?

Will you still stand to love?

Will you still stand to trust?

That’s what He needs to know

It’s all He tries to teach…

An unwavering stand on the solid rock

I’d forgotten that I’m surrounded by this multitude of witnesses

That my story was being read even as it was being written…that what I was going through

Wasn’t for me alone

It broke down the last of my walls

I submitted…I trusted…I loved

Not just Him but those who stood by me

Many are the times I’ve been at the same spot…many are the times he spoke the same way

He’s been faithful… that much I can attest to

You may be at the peaks…or at the valleys below

What He wants you to know is that He’s always there

He just needs you to bless…to love…to trust in spite of…

To trust no more in you but in Him

Then it shall be well with you

It is well with you

For though it may not seem like it

He holds your world in His hands…

And He’s not about to let you go.


 all rights reserved  ©Ang’asa Malowa

‘My ears had heard of You but now my eyes have seen You’ Job 42:5 Sometimes it takes situstaions to assure us of God’s sovereignity in our lives. For 37 chapters Job’s grief is laid out for us to see. His season of testing was more than most of us have gone through…yet even when he questioned God, he did not doubt him. He knew his redeemer lives. Whatever you’re going through…have gone through or will go through, I speak His grace to cover you in that season. I pray that you may stand on the solid rock no matter what until that day when He will prove you true for He cannot  give you more than you can bear. It shall be well…it is well with you. : )


Now More Than Ever

Tried the keys you gave me yesterday

And they worked …

Now I face another and the key that worked then

Doesn’t work on this one

How many doors till I get to where I’ll see the flowing milk and honey

 How many keys do I need to get to where you’ll show me?

 I’ve been patient…I’m just not sure it’ll last so long

When every time I think I got a break, something else shows up

They say bad things come in threes

 Now I wish it was so because seasons have changed

 But they just keep coming I know I’m learning but does it have to be this hard?

When I think I have what you want me to…you take it away

What am I supposed to tell her? She needs stability…security…she needs to know I can stand for us

How do I tell them this is just a phase…

 When they need their daddy to provide a life for them?

I do not question because I do not trust

 I question because I need to hear You say you’re still here

 That this is all You That though I walk through these valleys shadowed with death I should fear not…

 For You are with me…You guide me…You comfort me

See, I can’t turn to anyone else

 They won’t understand…not how You can

So I give you all these questions

 Why do you let me go through all this pain…when will it be enough

When will I too sit at Your table and dine with You…

 Instead being the one standing out looking in…

 So many whens…so many whys…so many…

This clay does not question the potter…

 It just needs to know that the potter is the one controlling the molding

Just needs to hear someone say its gonna be ok

 You’re the only one I know that knows the end from the beginning

 I need You to tell me I’ll be ok…we’ll be ok I need to hear it…

I need You to hold me Now more than ever.


 all rights reserved  ©Ang’asa Malowa

 I believe that it’s ok to question God…to ask Him why…not accusingly, not angrily but just asking because you wanna know something and He’s the only one whose answer will suffice. Fill your heart with love and ask Him in humility…seek him…and He will speak. I’ve been through seasons where only his assurance sufficed and I had a lot of questions…a lot of doubts. I asked Him and He was sure to answer. If you haven’t been there yet, maybe someday you will. When you do, don’t be afraid to ask…don’t be afraid to question. It’s the only way He’ll reach out and hold you…then more than ever.

Share your Journey

We love stories

And we learn alot of them too

I believe that each life is one unending page…

To be filled with chapters of stories

Your stories…all that make up your life

Theres time when the page is filled with climaxes and intrigues

Other times its filled with the musings of a confused soul just getting on with one drab day after another

Sometimes it tells of a hero…when you saved the day

And many times it tells of the times where we knew not who we were…

Of times it took us pain to learn…of hurts it took us to know love

And to love

Thing is, everyday brought a new scene

And no matter what that scene spoke…it was a day well lived

Because somehow it made you who you are today…

Though you may not entirely like who that is right now…you will..and we do

So share your journey with someone

Talk about it…write about it…text and call about…blog it even 🙂

We all love stories

They make us laugh, thay make us cry…they make us learn

And you got a pretty good one i’m sure

Don’t keep it all in…

Share your journey

We’ll laugh with you…sometimes at you 😉

Cry with you…walk with you

And most importantly, we will learn with you…

We will learn from you

Share your journey.

all rights reserved  ©Ang’asa Malowa


The One…or The One from the Many?

Its been asked over the years

Strirred quite a share of debate

Whether one’s true love…’flesh of my flesh’

Truly exists

Or its just one of the many fences the Church has set up

To withhold the pleasures of the dating experience

From the younger of its folk

well, i do not claim to be an expert on the matter

but my poring over books and His word leads me to believe that this stands true

nowhere in scripture does God approve…recoommend or hint in favour of what is the current accepted norm

where from a pool of many…one finds the one

Isn’t it always that when He plays match maker…and He does

That the approach applied was more specific…like He knows just which piece will complete the puzzle?

Think Aam…he didn’t have to first date a Sara, Anna, Carol and Eve

Then make His choice…(Gen 2:18-25)

Neither did Isaac for he asked of Him the wisdom with which to see

The jewel that to complete his crown

And His faithfulness proved true (Gen 24)

More so…isn’t it impossible to please God without faith? (Heb 11:6)

if you hold His word as truth…this scripture as truth

Then wouldn’t it also be impossible to settle down without having first trusted Him…

Not our choices and likes, blind dates and fix ups by well meaning friends…

But His hand to provide even the companionship our hearts long to find…to have?

He gives every good and perfect gift…for unlike the shifting shadows

He doesn’t change (James 1:17)

To say that we’d want a ‘less than perfect’ man or woman

To love and to hold for the eternity He gives us to know would be a lie…

ust look at your ‘list’ of what you want he or she to be…to have

And you’ll agree

To love is an act of the will

Question is, knowing as no one can claim to understand the workings of the heart except He

Wouldn’t we be safer placing our wills at His feet and living fully by His word

Trusting that in His time, He will align our paths…our hearts

one for the other?

Or are our love lives exempted from the steering of He we’ve given our lives to?

Discuss 🙂


all rights reserved to the poet ©Ang’asa Malowa


The one...or the one from the many???

If You made Love…Restore me

If You made love

If  you are love

Then why is love so messed up???

Just tell me why

The one thing that you made so perfect

Showed so strongly

Isn’t what I think you made it to be

What happened to the love that used to care

The love that seldom came attached with an ‘if…’ or ‘when…’

A love that was…is and will be

Just because it is

The love that gives you the grace to keep loving me

Even when they you made, I show nothing

Of the love I receive

Tell me why

Hearts are no more beating

Because they’ve been bruised…broken …shattered

Lost the very life…love they beat for

Why our temples no longer gleam

Because our little eyes were not careful of what they saw…

Our little feet not careful on where they went…

Our little ears not so careful what they heard

If You made love

If You are love

Then why is love so messed up???

Just tell me why

The one thing that you made so perfect

Showed so strongly

Isn’t what I think you made it to be…

Sometimes I wish there was a programme you’d installed

One that could override all that we claim to be…

All that we claim to have

And leave us bare to watch you live again

Watch the time in between

The months in your mothers womb

And the three days in a borrowed tomb

Then with nothing else but the picture of your life…your love…your cross

Set us back to live again

Maybe then…just maybe

We’ll be what we claim to be

Little replicas of Christ on earth…

Living just how he showed us to

Loving just how he loved us too…

You made love

You are love

Love isn’t so messed up

The one thing that you made so perfect

Showed so strongly

Is exactly what I think you made it to be

Its just my eyes…my ears…my little feet and my bruised, broken and shattered heart that have blurred my vision

So lord…here I am

As I am…

Restore my sight…conception…lifestyle…

Restore my heart

So I can once again see…believe


You made love

You are love

Love isn’t so messed up

The one thing that you made so perfect

Showed so strongly

Is exactly what I think You made it to be…

Restore the essence of You

In me.


all rights reserved to the poet ©Ang’asa Malowa

Cover Me

Here I stand

I stand undressed

I stand in my shame

I stand in my shame…standing in Your name

See not my name

Dispel my fame


If You do nothing more tonight…

Cover my shame.

Cover this heart that does not love

Cover this soul darkened by this mind

These eyes…these ears

If You do nothing more tonight…

Lord …please

Cover my shame

By these feet I stand before the only God I know

The one I see…the one in me

With this heart unfilled with You

I seek to know the heart…that heart

That bled…for mine

I bow to You…kneel for You

Its Your love that brings these knees right here

That’ll cleanse the heart in here

Lord, if You do nothing else tonight

Cover my shame

Let me see what You see

Be what You are…

Let me find myself in You

Cover me


Cover me.




all rights reserved to the poet ©Ang’asa Malowa