Stand affirmed now and forever

That one thing stands true

I love you

You do nothing to make it so

Same way you can do nothing to make it not for you can never revert what is:

I love you

Settle that in your heart and let your mind roger that

Then let your spirit spring back to life

Even when you tire of me

Even when you doubt and forsake me

Even when you don’t think we’re worth more than a 5min pep talk before you hit the traffic every morning…

Even then…I still give you the strength you need

The strength you need for another day

Wonder why?

It’s all because I live you

That I love you means not I’m blind to your sin

…it means I’m ready to wash ‘em away

Make you white as snow, if you let me

That I love you means not I will bend the rules for you

For every principle you violate, you will still have to make amends

For every seed you sowed you’ll still reap a harvest

But this changes not what is true

Stand affirmed-even then-that I love you

That is why if you let me…if you ask

I will still be there to help you relearn…help you bear the consequences of your then

Help you start over…embrace your now

I love you

i LOVE you

i love YOU

Settle that in your heart today and watch the storm roll away

Watch the shadows dissipate in the light of my love

Stand affirmed now and forever

That one thing stands true


© Ang’asa Malowa




Don’t Blow Away

Don’t blow away

 When the winds swirl up

 Don’t blow away

When the blizzards pass by

 Don’t blow away

Because they’re just passing through…they’ll only be a while

 Don’t blow away

 Because you belong just where you are

Don’t blow away

 Because this season’s not done with you

 Don’t blow away

 Because you need to be right there

Don’t blow away

 Because your dawn is just about

Don’t blow away

 When the blizzards pass by

 Don’t blow away

 Because they’re just passing through…they’ll only be a while

 Don’t blow away

 Because you belong just where you are


all rights reserved  ©Ang’asa Malowa

 With every beginning, every decision, every choice…comes a set of tests or challenges. Every season of life has Amalekites to kill, trees to water and fruits to harvest and sometimes, there seems to be too much going on that we’d rather run away and get back after the storms. Please don’t let the winds of life blow you away from your purpose, from your season. Chose to stand just where you are. Your season is where you ought to be…no matter how tough it gets. Don’t blow away. Your dawn is just about to break…don’t blow away, stand and receive your blessing. Don’t blow away.

No Other Gospel

 It was spoken and now is

The time when many men will preach…

 Many tongues will speak Of the word they say is of Him…

And cause the tides to flow the other way

 Shaking some roots and pulling out others…

Leaving what truly was, destroyed

 For how else will a branch be away from its vine? (John 15:5, 6)

 But with the age…just as foretold

 Feet are fast to rush where angels fear to tread

To alleys where wine has been watered so much it’s no longer red…but a shade therein

A more acceptable…easier…free-er gospel

Well, those who scatter this altered seed have their fate established

For theirs is eternal condemnation (Gal 1:6-9)

What of the little ears quick to hear?

 They choose not to see that they buzz over a carcass

For turning to a different gospel…which is no gospel at all ( John 8:31,32)

 Is suckling from the breast of the dead…

It giveth no nourishment…it giveth no life

 For their hearts are torn…between whom to please God…or men

 It is important that we know…it is important that we believe

 That there is No Other Gospel

None made or taught by man

Apart from that received by revelation through Christ Jesus

Who is revealed to men by God’s grace

 That they may preach No Other Gospel

 None by man or from man

 No Other Gospel

Than that of a love so great that it caused a friend To lay down his life for another

 Jesus Christ; crucified in atonement for our sin

 Jesus Christ; the only way to the father

 Jesus Christ; Our friend, our savior, our God

 So before you drink of the wine offered by the men of cloth

 Test and see whether they stand on this confession

 Whether they proclaim No Other Gospel None but Christ

For where His spirit is not…there is no life

 All you will take in…is death

 So many voices but only one is true

You will know His voice…where He says walk…walk.

 There you will find wine…pure, unwatered wine

There you will find life.

 Where there is No Other Gospel


all rights reserved  ©Ang’asa Malowa