What if God was One of Us?

What if God was one of us?

What if He was the guy next door…the voice on the radio

What if God was one of us?

Would that have made life any easier?

Many voice cry out everyday that He’s not as fair as He should be…

Not as ‘real’ as He ought to be

How could he claim to understand what we go through

How…when He’s seated all the way up there?

How when He’s just part man…one half less than we are?

He’s got more help…more strength to stand this life we live…He lived

We don’t

But…what if God was one of us?

Would we really worship and adore?

Love more…sin less?

Would we care more…stand stronger?

Would we really?

Would it make a difference?

What if God was one of us…

What if…

Would life, as we know it, be any different?


© Ang’asa Malowa

Joan Osborne’s hit ‘what if God was one of us’ was on my playlist yesterday and it got me thinking…what if…? Would it be any different…would we be any different? Its not anymore about what if but now that  He is one of us…He lives in us so He is one of us right? Does that reflect in my thinking, my living, my all…does it? I fail miserably, ALOT. Now i realise that its not what if…but now that He is…what then?I pray that He gives me the grace to navigate and be that which reflects His prescence in my life, in my heart. Its about time we stop waiting for Him to be here…He already is. He lives in me, He lives in you. Now we gotta act like He does.


New Clothes???

I’ve been an avid reader of books, comics and ‘watcher’ of cartoons for as long as I can remember

And from my large collection,

The emperors’ new clothes is one of my ultimate fairytales of all time

They don’t come like that no more

Let me fill you in just in case you didn’t get to read this one

There’s this super wealthy emperor in the story that had a thing for new clothes

Problem is, he tired of them really fast so he always had his tailors in a frenzy

They had to have something new when he called

So along comes this guy who says he has this one of a kind fabric that only the really intelligent and wise guys can see

The emperor is impressed and asks him to make him his new clothes

He takes up the measurements and sets off cutting and stitching…

The only hitch is, no one can see the fabric…not even the emperor

But since no one wants to admit he’s not “really intelligent and wise” everyone pretends that they like it

Flash forward and the clothes have been made, the guy is paid and the emperor calls for a parade to show off his new clothes

So he walks before his subjects with his head held high…knowing that he is butt naked but still waking because he’s managed to convince himself

That he’s wise and intelligent enough to see the fabric…to see his clothes

No one dares speak up either because this is the emperor…

Speaking up will be equal to saying he’s a fool and no one wants to be the one to call it as it is

No one…except this little boy who blurts out “…but the emperor has no clothes on!”

That’s when it hits him that he’s walking naked

He runs into his carriage and back to his palace where he order’s that the tailor be found

Of course by then, he’s long gone

So what am I getting at?

Like the emperor, we all have friends

Question is are they the kind that will tell us the truth no matter how much we don’t want to see it

Because in the end they’re only interest is to protect us from making fools out of ourselves…

Who’ll tell us the truth even when we’ve convinced ourselves otherwise?

Or are they like the officials, friends and subjects of the emperor

Who’ll let you walk naked before everyone because they were afraid that telling you the truth

Would make them foolish in your eyes…will make you angry?

I don’t know about you but I rather get pissed off for a while

Than bear the humiliation of walking naked in front of everyone

Think about it…what friends do you keep…what friends you have?

I would hate to be called to reality by a little boy’s voice, instead of that of a friend

You may just be walking naked right now as they cheer and congratulate you on the ‘new clothes’ you have…

Think about it.


 All rights reserved ©Ang’asa Malowa

There are quite a number of friendships recorded in the bible. Esther and Mordecai, David and Jonathan, even Christ and his disciples were friends too. Just imagine what would have happened if these friends didn’t trust each other enough to tell each other the truth. Esther would hae buckled and her race destroyed, David would have been killed by Saul and the disciples wouldn’t have learnt how to stand in faith if Christ hadn’t rebuked them here and there. We all need friends…real friends.Who will tell us the truth abou ourselves in love even ehen we don’t want to hear it. If the emperor had just one true friend, he wouldn’t have made a fool of himself that way…and paid for it too. Choose your friends wisely,be a good friend yourself lest we walk naked only to be told so by complete strangers. Suffering embarassment and hurt that shouldn’t have been.

Resolution Crunch

It’s about that time

When the ‘I shall’s get a maybe added just before

When our realities fight so hard to kill

That which we’d purposed to be and do different this new season

The resolution crunch is here

The psych of the ‘happy new year’ dims and in the light of what is

Many resolutions are dying…or are dead and gone

I know we stuck by our lists for the first few days only to have them altered and scraped as time moved on

I know we’ve failed to honor some…and for those we have tried

Sometimes we’ve fallen short too

If my ‘I shall exercise and eat healthier’ fluctuations are anything to go by

I’m sure someone has been there too

So what’s next?

Well, I don’t know what you’ll do…but i choose to keep at it

I choose to repsych myself and stick to what I said I wanna do this year…what I wanna change

Because the reason I said I’ll do them still stands

I saw my end from my beginning and if these are what’s gonna take me there

I’m pressing on

The New Year’s gone…but the new season is still here

I don’t wanna miss out on this season….I don’t wanna miss out on my season   

So I’mma read through my list…

And wake up to take whatever tiny step I can to achieve what’s on it

The resolution crunch is here…

But I refuse to let the death of the ‘Happy New Year’

Be the death of my season

So help me keep at them…your resolutions mean a lot to you too

Don’t let the crunch hit you…bounce back

The New Year’s gone…but the new season is still here


All rights reserved ©Ang’asa Malowa

Way More

Ever thought why it took the Israelites

40 whole years of suffering, homelessness, death and disease

Just to get to the promised land?

Ever wondered why Job…blameless Job was inflicted from every aspect

Had his life crumble down before his very eyes?

Or why Sarah had to wait so long to her owns baby’s cry…

I have

I’ve been through times when I had more questions than I did answers

Times when I wondered how long it’ll take till the light at the end of the tunnel

Comes to full bloom and lights the dark away

I’ve had days when no matter how hard I tried; I couldn’t let His joy be my strength

When I doubted if He really is my shepherd

Because if He was, why were there so many wolves tearing at me?

Had one of those endless nights…that’s when I couldn’t hold it no more

I broke down before He whose hands seemed to be taking me through the very anguish and pain I thought they would pull me from

For though He inflicts me…yet I will still love Him

He told me this…and if like me you’re there, this is what He needs you to know

Its way more than a barren womb…

Way more than a fiery furnace

Way more than a broken heart

Its faith he sees…its trust he wants

And it takes pain to see them grow

He needs us to know that He is our shepherd

That He loves us

That He will set a table before us…only if we trust him in all things

Even when the winds are blowing off our little lights

Beloved, it’s not about the pain

He loves us…He never wants to hurt us

It’s about our destiny

Its about your life, your faith, your trust

And they need pain to grow

He didn’t wish it all away

He didn’t calm the raging storm

But I felt something break inside

I felt release

From fear…from doubt…from insecurities

I felt His love in the furnace and I felt my strength renewed

For I finally understood

Its way more than I can see

And I trust Him to get me through it all.


all rights reserved  ©Ang’asa Malowa